3M Imprint 4 Preliminary Penta Super Quick Refill Pack

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Contains: 2 x 300ml Base Paste, 2 x 60ml Catalyst

Imprint 4 Preliminary VPS material coveniently delivers a highly accurate and dimensionally stable preliminary impression which can be poured multiple times. Plus, automatic mixing with the Pentamix System delivers a perfect mix making your entire procedure faster, more predictable and convenient.

  • Time-saving and clean automix procedure
  • Long-term stability and pouring whenever convenient
  • Multiple pours without losing accuracy
  • Hydrophilicity
  • Easy and thorough disinfection
  • Fresh material colour and scannability
  • Pleasant minty taste.


  • Provisional crown and bridge impressions:-
  • Opposing jaw impressions
  • Study model impressions
  • Preliminary impressions
  • Orthodontic impressions
  • Impressions for bleaching trays and mouth guards.

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