Heraeus Kulzer Venus Flow A2 Syringe Refill - Flowable Microhybrid Composite, 1

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Contains 1.8 gram syringe & tips

A flowable, light-curing radiopaque hybrid composite, used for adhesive, tooth coloured anterior and posterior restorations.

Venus Flow is the perfect addition to Venus composite in clinical situations in which precise control can only be attained by using a flowable composite.

Venus Flow is easy to use and, thanks to its radiopacity, ensures a reliable diagnosis. Its low viscosity and good thixotropic properties make Venus Flow the material of choice in a diverse range of indications, such as sealing fissures, lining cavities and creating smaller fillings.

The shades of Venus flow are optimally matched to the Venus shades. Venus Flow offers a choice of 14 shades, likewise with 3 levels of translucency. It enables you to create natural-looking restorations that blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

The Venus Flow Baseliner, which is highly opaque and white in colour, creates the first layer on the floor of a posterior cavity, for example, providing a transition for the natural tooth substance. In such a way, you can avoid the unnecessary removal of healthy tooth substance when extracting old fillings.


  • Fissure sealing
  • Enlarged fissure sealing
  • Class V fillings
  • Minimally invasive Class I and II fillings in areas not subjected to masticatory forces
  • Minimally invasive Class lll fillings
  • Smaller contour and shade adjustment on the enamel and dentine
  • Small surface repairs to direct and indirect restorations in combination with a suitable bonding agent
  • Splinting of teeth
  • Cavity lining
  • Bracket retention
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